In an effort to help your horse live a healthy and happy life, we provide castration services. Choosing to castrate your horse is one of the most responsible decisions you can make as a horse owner. Castration makes stallions safer by decreasing aggressive behavior and reduces the chances for accidental breeding.

What does castration involve?

Castration is a  surgical procedures that prevents a horse from reproducing. Castrations are typically recommended for horses that are at least 6 months old and are not going to be used for breeding. Castration is performed on male horses and involves surgically removing the testicles to eliminate fertility and the hormone, testosterone. While this surgery sounds involved, it can usually be completed within an hour and does not require an overnight hospital stay. In fact, we try to find a nice grassy lawn on which to perform the surgery.

Your horse may experience increased discomfort in the days following surgery. Depending on your horse’s condition, pain medication may be used. These tips should be followed to ease your horse’s recovery:

  1. Do not allow your horse to run or jump for the next two or three days.
  2. Follow post-surgery instructions for care of the castration site.
  3. It is important to follow the exercise program as outlined in the instructions.
  4. Keep your horse confined from others, and allow them to have a quiet resting place.
  5. If you notice excessive swelling, bleeding, discharge, or hanging tissue, contact our office immediately.

If you have further questions about castration procedures or would like to schedule the surgery for your horse, contact our office at your convenience.