Nutrition, including controlling your horse’s weight, seriously affects horses health, especially as your horse ages. Weight management is one of the most critical factors in maintaining horse health. If you’re trying to help your pet gain weight, increase caloric intake, and if you’re wanting your pet to lose weight, decrease caloric consumption. During a routine exam, we can discuss the exact amount and types of food to add or subtract from your horse’s diet based on breed, activity level, and current weight. Remember that overweight horses are more likely to suffer from equine metabolic syndrome, PPID (Cushings), laminitis (founder). Obesity also worsens the effect of arthritis in our geriatric horse population.


As your horse ages their dietary needs change. Some supplements may offer therapeutic function. For instance, chondroitins and glucosamine may help your horse with arthritis. Other supplements are good for weight gain and skin conditions. Highly effective feed-through supplements are available for fly control, as well. Please call us if have any questions regarding dietary supplements and their ability to potentially help your horse.