Purchasing or adopting a new horse is a thrilling and life-changing event. The most important thing to consider when choosing a horse is to ensure that you can meet their needs as a pet owner. Not only do you make a financial commitment, but you make an emotional and time commitment, as well. Whether you’re considering a miniature horse or a Clydesdale, you will be taking on a huge responsibility. Making the correct horse choice can prevent unnecessary stress and can make the addition of a new horse completely enjoyable.

If you are buying your first horse or your 21st horse, we recommend a physical evaluation before the actual purchase. This type of exam is a “pre-purchase exam” where we evaluate all aspects of your potential new horse. We go over the entire horse from its mouth to its tail. We watch your new horse travel on a longe line or under saddle to evaluate soundness. We perform an ophthalmoscopic exam of both eyes and listen to the heart and lungs before and after exercise. We can supplement the pre-purchase exam with radiographs, ultrasound, or blood work if these are deemed necessary. We encourage you to ask questions during the exam. Radiology consults are also available for clients purchasing horses from outside the practice area.

Please call our office if you have any questions regarding the pre-purchase exam.