Thank-you, Dr. Brown, for patiently attending to all my equine needs!! You are beyond a 5 star rating with your professionalism. You answer all my questions, take the best of care of each and every horse and get the job done even when I can’t be present. I HIGHLY recommend her services.

Tina C.

Dr Brown is not only an amazing, caring vet- she’s a wonderful person. The best vet, my horse loves Dr Brown, I love Dr Brown, and the neighbors who own horses Love this doctor. She is very well educated, and she is a refreshing person to work with in regard to our Horse’s care & health. Thank You Dr. Brown. This Vet caress about her clients.

Edward C Manzetti

Incredible caring veterinarians. And brilliant!! They saved my 30 year old horse from a bad colic-driving two hours to get to where he was boarded, after hours and in heavy traffic, two nights in a row.

Diane G.

Whenever I need a vet for my horses I always have peace of mind with Drs. Peralez and Brown. They are both so knowledgeable, considerate, and professional. Even in the worst of times I have always found them to be patient and compassionate with both the horse and the person.

Lorena Orlosky